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Easter Fun!

Easter Fun!


Join us to celebrate Easter with the whole family! We will have activities and games for everyone to enjoy including yard games, activity sheets and so much more! Register for the fun below and dont forget to order your picnic lunch to make a whole day of it.


Our Easter Egg Hunt will be available for anyone under the age of 12. Each kiddo will recieve a color of egg to look for depending on their age. Certain colors will be more difficult to find while others will be easier for the littles! This activity is free & starts at noon sharp. For the older kiddos we will have a drawing for an Easter Basket when the hunt is over!


We will also have the fun activity of dying eggs! Dont worry about having to boil the eggs and mix the dye! We will do all of that for you! We will also have different unique techniques for the kiddos to try! If we're being honest its also for you big kids at heart! I mean who doesnt love dying easter eggs! Purchase eggs to dye below! Dye 12 eggs for $15 or 30 eggs for $30. We will provide you with a way to take them home and hide them for the kids on Sunday or make them into your favorite Easter dish!

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