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Check out our FAQs below to see if that answers any questions.

If not, leave a message here, saying hello, along with any questions you may have!

Responses are primarily sent on Mondays and Wednesdays. Thank you for your understanding!

We look forward to working with you to make your next event the most memorable.


  • what is the best way for me to place my order?

the best way to place your order is online via our website! add all of your requests and event details as far as theme and decor choices in the special request box. if you would like to send inspiration photos send us a message above and we will respond with a way to attach photos!

  • do you have availability to do my order?

when you place your order online via our website if your date is available we are available!

  • do you write on cakes?

we no longer write on cakes. we can customize your cake to fit your theme and have cake toppers available for you to purchase!

  • do you do tiered cake?

we do not do tiered cakes. our cakes are 6" rounds and consist of 3 layers.

  • how many people does a 6" round cake feed?

a 6" round cake feeds anywhere from 8-12 people depending on how it is cut.

  • what if i have more guests then 12 and need more cake?

we offer coordinating cupcakes to go with your cake!  we can even do custom cookies and other desserts as well! check out our goodie boutique menu!

  • do you do custom cookies?

yes! we can create custom cookies for your event! just keep in mind that we decorate with buttercream and not royal icing like you see on some custom cookies and aren't able to get quite as detailed.

  • do i need to refrigerate my goodies?

if your house or event space is above 70 degrees we suggest that you refrigerate your goodies! buttercream can melt!

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