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Brunch ~ $30/person


compound butters , syrups , condiments , yogurt bar, and mini bite sized quiches.



coffee, fruit infused water, orange juice 


choose 2

strawberry and cream cheese stuffed french toast 

maple bacon cream cheese stuffed french toast 

buttered cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting

pecan rolls with caramel glaze

buttermilk pancakes

wild blueberry pancakes


choose 2 sides  

bacon twists

sausage patties

country ham

red potatoes

fruit skewers


choose 1 dessert option: included in the price of your meal

cupcakes ~ choose up to 6 flavors from our cupcake menu.  full size or mini.

dessert Bar ~variety of desserts, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and confections. bakers choice.

cake and pie ~individual sized pies and cupcakes.  choose up to 3 flavors each.

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